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RP 02 – Kent Town

The East Village Diaspora

Adelaide, one of the most liveable cities in the world, yet the majority of it’s youth depart soon after the completion of their education. They leave in search of employment opportunities, a greater ‘young’ populous, and cultural diversity that is inherent in metropolitan life. Our research in collaboration with Donovan Hill Architects pursued a strategy that feasibly expanded cultural attachment by intervening in the built environment with targeted adjustments to typical development patterns. It began with encouraging our youth to embrace their town as a prerequisite for vibrancy, diversity and cultural growth. With intelligently designed ‘programming’ localised inner city communities could evolve. Kent Town, was an ideal site to test for an ‘evolving’ development model. The Integrated Design Commission of South Australia grant enabled Ha & DH to understand how a community might embrace a place; to move beyond the standard ‘build it and people will come’.

  • RP 02 – Kent Town